2017 Assessment 

NOTICE is hereby given that the assessment roll for the R.M. of Lake Lenore #399 for the year 2017 has been prepared and is open for inspection in the office of the Assessor, 200 Main Street, St Brieux, SK. from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

Notices were mailed out on Friday, May 05, 2017 and any appeals are due into the office of the Assessor on or before Tuesday, July 04, 2017 with the applicable appeal fee.   

Information on assessment and revaluation of properties can be found on the SAMA website.



The Council for the R.M. of Lake Lenore #399 utilizes tax tools in accordance with legislation in The Municipalities Act. Information on tax tools can be found on the Government of Saskatchewan website.

Council has not yet set the mill rate for 2017.

In addition to the mill rate, Council also uses mill rate factors of:          Agricultural Properties = 1.1886                                                     Residential Properties = 0.3280                                                     Commercial Properties = 1.1731

For 2016, Council has also elected to utilize a base tax of $375.54 on all residential parcels of land.

For more information, please contact our Administration Office.


Tax Payment Options:

Cash, cheque and DEBIT cards are accepted at the RM office.                                                                                                        Credit Cards and Debit Credit Cards ARE NOT accepted at this time.

Pre-authorized monthly payments may be arranged with the office staff.

The RM Office accepts e-Transfer payments. Please contact the office to make arrangements.


Telpay - Company 007844 LAKE LENORE NO 399 (RM) TAX

CIBC Telephone payments - LAKE LENORE NO. 399 (R.M.) TAX - 000009365

Central One (Credit Union) - Vendor No: 8100 LAKE LENORE NO 399

** you will need to use your customer number - it is found on the right side of your tax notice and will be in brackets by your name. You may require 4 numbers so add a zero before the numbers.



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