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Annual Notification to Consumers

Each year Saskatchewan Environment requires notification to consumers regarding our water quality. These reports are for the Town of St. Brieux and Lakeview Properties.

The link below will take you to the report.

2015 Annual Drinking Water Compliance 

Previous Years Reports:


2014 Annual Drinking Water Compliance

2013 Annual Drinking Water Compliance

2012 Annual Drinking Water Compliance


The Municipalities Regulations s. 55 requires Annual Financial Overview of our Waterworks.

Annual Financial Overview

2015 Waterworks

 Total Revenues (R)

 $   261,443

 Total Expenditures (E)

 $   178,931

 Total Debt Payments on waterworks infrastructure loans (D)

 $     11,360

Comparison of waterworks revenues to expenditures plus debt payment, expressed as a ratio  R/(E+D)


General Revenue Sourced Funds

 $           -  





Other information available at the municipal office includes the:

Waterworks Rate Policy and Capital Investment Strategy, current waterworks reserves, capital plans for waterworks infrastructure as well as the Water System Assessment which was completed in 2015.


Garbage Pick up

Garbage pick up in town is TUESDAY mornings starting at 7:30AM. Please have your garbage tagged and in a visible location at the FRONT of your property. Please read the REACT tags for instructions and weight limits of your garbage.

Garbage tags may be purchased at the Town Office or St. Brieux Co-op for $1.50 each.

 Landfill/Transfer Site - Located on Barbier Drive East

HOURS: May 1 - October 31

               Tuesdays 1pm - 5pm

               Saturdays 8am - 12pm & 1pm - 5pm

               November 1 - April 30

               EVEN calendar day Tuesdays 1pm - 5pm

               Saturdays 8am - 12pm & 1pm - 5pm

 Landfill/Transfer Sites Fees

New React Single Stream Recycling Program

 Recycling is easier than ever before!

The link above lists all the recyclables allowed. Copies are available at the office as well.



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