Administration Office New Location:

105 Main Street, St. Brieux, SK. Our St. Brieux Administration Office sign is outside our temporary office space.

The Office will be CLOSED on the following days (unless otherwise posted):

April 3rd, 6th, 16th, 17th, 20th & 21st
June 2nd - 5th

We apologize for any inconvenience that the office being closed may cause.

Administrator/CAO Job Posting

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Town of St. Brieux

As Mayor Leon Rheaume describes his community “… we are lucky to have very successful world class agricultural manufactures that have provided jobs and growth to our community over 40 years. This has been the key to keeping our young families here as well attracting new ones”.

St. Brieux, situated in the central parkland of the province, is a full service agricultural and manufacturing community with many social, recreational and cultural amenities with a strong financial base. More information can be found at www.townofstbrieux.com .

With the current administrator moving on to a larger community, the Town is looking for a career minded individual to provide Council and the community with sound administrative support and leadership.

The preferred candidate will have a working knowledge of municipal governance and administration in the form of an Urban Standard Certificate complemented by an ability to work cooperatively with Council, businesses, developers and community groups. Other candidates with office/business related experience may be considered.

Compensation is competitive, based on experience, knowledge and abilities. A comprehensive benefit package is available including a municipal employees’ pension plan.

This is an excellent opportunity to expand a rewarding career in municipal administration in a diverse, thriving and progressive community with a supportive Council. Mentoring may be available to the successful candidate.

To be considered for this opportunity, please submit by email a cover letter with your resume before April 20th to:

Keith Schneider

ADVOCO Consulting Ltd.



To access a full detailed job profile see below:

Administrator/CAO Job Profile


The people and organizations of St. Brieux & District welcome you to our unique community.  St. Brieux is located on Highway #368, in a prosperous agricultural area, midway between Humboldt and Melfort.  The community is set in the central parkland region of Saskatchewan, near the northern tip of Lenore Lake.  The nearest city, Melfort, is a 40-km drive to the northeast, while Humboldt is approximately 65 km to the south.  The nearest large urban centres are Prince Albert (110-km northwest) and Saskatoon (140-km southwest).

St. Brieux has experienced growth in population, including young families, which is a trend not often seen in Saskatchewan communities of this size.  The population growth, market stability and increased housing starts have encouraged many to make St. Brieux their home.  We continue to grow because of our sense of Community and our strong industrial base providing employment.  For anyone that may be looking for a Community to make their home, St. Brieux is outstanding in recreation, sport, culture and family.


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