R.M. of Lake Lenore and Town of St. Brieux Community Survey

The R.M. and the Town are working together on a long range plan to help guide the future growth and development of the District over the next 25 years.

A District Plan contains the shared vision , objectives and policies regarding land-use, economic, social, environmental and cultural development within the District.

As a community member, your input and feedback is very important. Your individual responses are kept confidential and used only in grouped form.


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The people and organizations of St. Brieux & District welcome you to our unique community.  St. Brieux is located on Highway #368, in a prosperous agricultural area, midway between Humboldt and Melfort.  The community is set in the central parkland region of Saskatchewan, near the northern tip of Lenore Lake.  The nearest city, Melfort, is a 40-km drive to the northeast, while Humboldt is approximately 65 km to the south.  The nearest large urban centres are Prince Albert (110-km northwest) and Saskatoon (140-km southwest).


St. Brieux has experienced growth in population, including young families, which is a trend not often seen in Saskatchewan communities of this size.  The population growth, market stability and increased housing starts have encouraged many to make St. Brieux their home.  We continue to grow because of our sense of Community and our strong industrial base providing employment.  For anyone that may be looking for a Community to make their home, St. Brieux is outstanding in recreation, sport, culture and family.




The St. Brieux district was founded in 1904 by a group of settlers from Brittany, France.  In 1905, a petition to obtain a Post Office was sent to Ottawa.  The name of St. Brieux was chosen in memory of St. Brieuc, France, where many of the settlers originated.


A few families continued to arrive from France every year until the war broke out in 1914. American settlers joined these pioneers, in the years 1908-1920.  Many were descendants of French Canadians who had earlier immigrated to the United States.


Settlers from two other ethnic groups moved into the area between 1911 – 1923; these people  were of Hungarian and Italian descent.  English speaking settlers also came, mainly from Ontario.


The Canadian Northern Railway reached St. Brieux in 1913.  It remained the end of steel until 1921 when the line was completed from Melfort to Humboldt.  With the coming of the railroad, the Town of St. Brieux came into being.


A devastating fire in 1924 destroyed much of the Main Street.  Businesses were rebuilt and the community thrived as an agricultural business centre for the next few decades.


In 1974, when many small Saskatchewan Towns were declining or disappearing, St. Brieux welcomed a manufacturing facility, Bourgault Industries Ltd. into the community.  Today, the Bourgault group of companies, which manufacture farm machinery and related products, have added much to the community and the area.


St. Brieux is a community for all ages.  We have experienced growth in our community therefore our school population is continuing to increase.  With the addition of the St. Brieux Community Childcare Centre Inc. more parents are able to feel secure that their children are in quality childcare. St. Brieux is a generous community and this can be seen through infrastructure built with community investment.  There are many volunteer organizations that provide services for the community.


With the consistent growth experienced in our community we became a Town on November 8th, 2006.


St. Brieux has a wonderful sense of Community.  We are a community that thrives on spirit, pride and the well-being of all within.  There are many sport, recreation and cultural activities for all ages.  St. Brieux is a small town with many amenities.  Our large industrial base provides employment and an increased small town standard of living.


We would like to welcome every visitor to our community and encourage anyone to make St. Brieux their home.


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